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Why You, Sanyam?

"I always want my next project to be one that, if successful, will make the rest of my career look like a footnote"

- Sam Altman

We are good together, because:

  • Your brand can make the rest of my career look like a footnote 📄 

  • I come with a diverse set of experiences, There's a lot that we can do together 🤝

  • I am highly passionate & skilled to make an impact in a Strategy Role (Product or Business Analysis)

  • I don't think there can be a place better than your brand that can help me to onboard the rocketship to the stars 🚀            

Here are some of my old projects, that could be relevant to your requirements ->

Building Altudo

Putting bricks in place

- Altudo has grown by 1000% since I joined
- I am super proud to have seen such a growth

trajectory with a bird's eye view

- Working First Hand with Fortune 500 Companies to help them rearchitect their Customer Experience Strategy

- Building new products under Foundry and leading thought leadership programs across verticals for Altudo

- Contributed multiple Blogs and eBooks for Altudo including, the following: Blog 1, Blog 2, eBook 1, eBook 2

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-04 at 6.51.16 PM.jpeg

Never Settle Open Mics

Planned and Executed everything from Scratch.

The Social House is one of the largest YouTube media houses that publish content related to Poetry. 

To spread the spirit of #NeverSettle in the artist community, open mics were conducted by curating 5 performers from a list of 1,000+ applicants throughout Delhi NCR.


Uber AGHM 2017

Strategized Flash Mob and Marketing Booth Plan

Uber Partnered with Amity Gurgaon Half Marathon 2017. Worked with in-house Uber Marketing Team to plan:
- A Flash Mob dance with helmets :) 
- Marketing Booth designing for engagements

- Planning CTAs with AGHM for Uber.

Screenshot 2021-06-19 130509.png

Poetry - Interest

Delhi NCR Poetry Circuit

 I am an active performer in the Delhi NCR poetry circuit.
I have opened a spot for some of the biggest names in the Indian Standup Circuit including Zakir Khan.

Being a Stage Person, I understand what it takes to Woo users and I am all in, to ensure 2-way engagement on your products


HPAIR - Harvard University

Impact Challenge Winner

During the impact challenge, teams have to pitch a startup idea in 4 hours' time. 
Built deck, calculated important metrics, and did small market research in a team of 4, and won impact challenge amongst a selective pool of delegates from all over the globe.

Screenshot 2021-06-19 132646.png

Feeding Global

Department Head - Global Expansions

Took Project "Feeding India" to 3 new countries globally. Managed an active volunteer base of 26,000+ international and national volunteers.

Global Expansions included - 
- Doing research about charity interests in target areas.

- Planning and Executing Social Media Campaigns

- Generating motivation in remote volunteer base via proper communication and video calls. 


Your Company

My Next Bid

Can't wait to see your company on my Portfolio

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